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This file goals at explaining why (sections 1-4) we're ended in reflect on heavily the duality method of robust interactions, either from analogy with the same method of the idea of nuclear reactions, and as a potential approach out of the disagreeable deadlock into which quantum relativistic theories of sturdy interactions appear to be pressured. subsequent we will talk about how (sections 5-6) we move approximately discovering strategies to the limitations of a twin idea and what their houses are. eventually, a few principles could be provided referring to the place (section 7) all this may deliver us within the close to destiny.

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Still, forces inferred between gluteraldehyde-stabilized red cells and glass or metal substrates are of the magnitude predicted for van der Waals attraction balanced against electrostatic repulsion. 57 12:26 P1: JPJ/KNP/... 0521839068c01 P2: GDZ/... QC: GDZ/... 3. HOW GOOD ARE MEASUREMENTS? Similar to cells in size, colloidal particles such as the 1–10-µm polystyrene beads used industrially and in the lab also reveal significant van der Waals attraction. Observed with TIRM over a range of separations that cover nonretarded and retarded interactions, colloid–substrate van der Waals interactions are of the magnitude predicted by modern theory.

Assume small differences in material electromagnetic properties, and 2. neglect the finite velocity of light. In these simplified formulae, the distance dependence is what would result from pairwise summation. The huge difference is in the coefficients AHam that are now computed from whole-material properties rather than from the polarizabilities of constituent atoms or molecules. Even in formal correspondence with the old way of summing incremental contributions, the resemblance is in the distance dependence but not in the coefficient.

QC: GDZ/... T1: GDZ CB776-Parsegian-v1 December 25, 2005 27 HOW DOES RETARDATION COME IN? The sum of AA−A and AB−B is always greater than or equal to twice AA−B : AA−A + AB−B ≥ 2AA−B . Because the van der Waals interactions go as the negative of the Hamaker coefficients, the sum of the (negative) A − A and B − B interactions at a given separation is more negative than two A − B interactions at that same separation. In this average sense, van der Waals attraction is stronger between like than between unlike particles.

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