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By Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

A pleasant quantity of nature tales for childrens. offers the adventures of mom Eel, the Playful Muskrat, the Snappy Snapping Turtle, and the opposite Pond humans. those tales are jam-packed with humor, but cleverly express information regarding the frogs, minnows, and different pond citizens and infrequently recommend an ethical in a fragile demeanour which no baby may face up to. ultimate for kids a while five to 7.

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Spider had begun to bring in air something had to be moved to make a place for it. She brought down thirteen more bubbles of air and then the house was filled with it. On the lower side of the open doorway there was water and on the upper side was air, and each stayed where it should. When Mrs. Spider came into her house, she always had some air caught in the hairs which covered her body, even when she did not bring a bubble of it in her hindlegs. She had to have plenty of it in her home to keep her from drowning, for she could not breathe water like a fish.

He exclaimed, for he felt very big indeed, having been the first to hatch. " cried all his friends. " And that was true, for his breathing-gills were sinking into his head, and they found that this was happening to all the older Tadpoles. The next day they began going to the top to breathe air, the oldest ones first, and so on until they were all there. They thought it much pleasanter than the bottom of the pond, but it was not so safe. There were more dangers to be watched for here, and some of the careless young Tadpoles never lived to be Frogs.

Long afterward he asked her what she had forgotten and she said she couldn't remember—that she never could remember what she had forgotten. It made him feel very badly to have her leave him so. He wanted a chance to tell her something, yet, whenever he tried to, it seemed to stick in his bill. He began to fear that she didn't like him; and the next time the Cranes danced he didn't bow to her so much, but he strutted and leaped and whooped even more. And she strutted and leaped and whooped almost as loudly as he.

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