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He stared at the sky. There were still plenty of shreevs hunting the beetles, but something Sh'shak had said bothered him. He hardly listened as Tash explained that Thrawn's ship had been damaged by the beetle infestation, and that they were making their way to Vroon's workshop. "But now that you have broken up the swarm," Thrawn suggested, "perhaps we should simply return to my shuttle and make repairs. " Zak shook his head. Something was wrong. The shreevs were slowing down. They're making the most of their meal, Sh'shak had said.

I have had enough of this garden," Thrawn said. " The Imperial reached for his comlink, but it was gone. "Blast," he muttered. " The sky grew suddenly darker. Zak looked up to see if storm clouds were moving in. But the sky was not filled with storm clouds. It was filled with beetles! CHAPTER 13 The swarm of beetles spun like a tornado, and began to twist down out of the sky toward them. " Zak cried. But it was useless. The swarm was moving too quickly, and there was nowhere to run. Suddenly, Hoole began to shiver, and the skin crawled across his bones.

Inside the Shroud, Zak and Tash sealed the door and ran back to the engine room. "We're going to have the same problem we had on the Imperial shuttle," Zak reminded his sister. " Tash nodded. "I'll try to slow them down. " She shook her head worriedly. "You know Zak, you wanted to fix your mistake all by yourself. Well, here's your chance. " Zak didn't bother to reply. He had already snapped off the maintenance panel, and found himself staring at the wiring he had damaged a few days before. Uncle Hoole had been able to replace the blown circuits, repair the damaged power couplings, and get the engines ready for re-ignition.

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