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Presents a complete creation to the explosion of knowledge that has develop into to be had within the box of aluminum extrusion expertise over the last fifteen or 20 years. DLC: Aluminum--Extrusion.

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The proper position will provide the full contact of the thermocouple with the extruded surface. The system does require certain holding time to reach the thermocouple to read the steady-state temperature. A low holding time means a higher resolution of the system. It should also be made certain that the proper probe material is being used to measure the aluminum surface temperature. Another limitation of this type of thermometer is that the system can read properly only when the extrusion is stopped, or the extrusion is moving with a very slow speed.

In aluminum extruded with a low extrusion ratio, the structure will be similar to that of as-cast (coarse grain) aluminum. This structure will be mechanically weak, and as a result, shapes with an extrusion ratio of less than 10 to 1 may not be guaranteed to meet the mechanical and physical properties specifications of the material. When the extrusion ratio is high, the situation is just the opposite as expected. The extrusion pressure required to push the metal through the die will be higher due to a higher amount of plastic strain.

This is an undesirable grain structure. In many cases, the undesirable area is machined off and discarded, depending on the application. The variation of temperature in the extrusion is one of the major factors for recrystallization in the outer band of the extrusion, as shown in Fig. 13 Temperature distribution of extrusion Thermodynamics in Extrusion / 51 Fig. 14 Schematic of recrystallized peripheral grain growth Fig. 14. The other factors include extrusion ratio (strain), strain-rate, alloy structure, flow stress, and recrystallization temperature of the alloy to be extruded.

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