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By David Gribble

Alcibiades (c. 450-404 BC)--general, statesman, followed son of Pericles, lover of Socrates, profaner of the Mysteries-- used to be referred to as by way of a few the saviour of Athens and by way of others its maximum enemy. This booklet is a learn of the explosive mix of worry and fascination he excited in his contemporaries and in classical texts. It examines the extreme stress among the classical urban and the person of superlative strength, prestige, and ambition.

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Russell (: ) suspects a comic source. 43 44 Élite Individual and Democratic City  military campaign. Even the serious and public is annexed to a life of frivolous luxury. 48 In Athenaeus-Satyrus, the story of the gifts provided by the cities, ‘whom Alcibiades used as though they were his maidservants . . whenever he set out on journeys’, serves merely as another illustration of Alcibiades’ general extravagance. 49 The symbolic quality of the action is also lost, leaving yet another baroque display of luxurious living.

Yet again the argument proceeds on the basis of the acceptance of the concept of a superlative individual. Aristotle suggests that the community’s fear of a super-individual, who cannot be incorporated within the polis, is reflected in the b–; cf. b–a. Cf. Saunders (: ). Aristotle’s claim that his great individual would be like a god among men’ is compared to Plato, Politicus b. 65 Cf. Robinson (: –). ] , whose invective against Alcibiades is also a theoretical disquisition on the purpose of ostracism (see Chapter  below).

These themes of individuation and adaptibility will come more into focus as the analysis of the book progresses, and we step 76 Il. . –. The context is Achilles’ rejection of Odysseus’ supplication to accept Agamemnon’s gifts and rejoin the fighting, and the barb is primarily aimed at Odysseus. 77 Cf. Cic. de Offic. . . , . 78 Cf. Mason (), who associates this distrust of deceit with a ‘Stoic’ ideal of the city. 79 Ath. . b; Nepos, Alc. ; Plut. Alc. . , Mor. e; Aelian, VH .

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