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By Ryan Lesseig, Meriel Lesseig

Air vegetation, often referred to as tillandsias, are a few of the simplest vegetation to develop, which is helping clarify why they are doping up in shops around the nation and showing in magazines, on blogs, and in all places Pinterest. the superb factor approximately air vegetation is they use their roots to anchor themselves to an item, which permits them to develop in a number of destinations obviously. this adaptability of development makes air crops excellent for adornment of domestic and office.
While air vegetation are recognized for being effortless to develop, they nonetheless do want recognition to outlive and dwell a fit lifestyles. If treated, tillandsias will stay for numerous years and may even offer “pups" for added years of delight! Authors Meriel and Ryan Lesseig are air plant fanatics who grew to become their ardour into revenue with Air Plant layout Studio, an e-commerce website that sells all issues air vegetation. the following they percentage suggestions for correctly taking care of air vegetation in addition to thought and guideline for a myriad...

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Take care when watering blooming plants not to soak the bloom flower, as it could cause the flower to fall off. Here, we carefully dip the sides of this blooming ionantha in water, taking care not to get the delicate purple flower wet. After gently shaking any excess water from their leaves, lay the plants face down on a towel or cloth so excess water can drain and allow them to properly dry before replacing in a container. Putting them in front of a fan or somewhere with really good air circulation is highly advised, and will help reduce the chances of the plant developing rot or a fungus from staying wet too long.

This is especially true for semi-mesic air plants, which can adjust to be either more or less mesic depending on their environmental factors. A stunning specimen, this Tillandsia brachycaulos hybrid is blooming, showcasing a number of blushing offsets. This mesic Tillandsia will do well with a good amount of indirect, filtered light, and with a bit more light will blush the red color you see here. This plant will not like direct sunlight and will appreciate more water with the more light that it receives.

Air plants kept indoors should not be stored near an air conditioner, heat vent, or radiator, as this can cause the plants to dry out. Air Circulation: Air circulation is critical to air plant health. It is important that after watering, the plants have enough air circulation to dry within 4 hours. This also means that any container that you use to display your plants should be at least partially open to ensure good air circulation and that it won’t trap too much moisture. Tillandsia should not be displayed in enclosed containers, and it’s important to ensure that they are completely dry before they are put back into a container that might restrict air circulation, as trapped moisture in the plant or against it could cause rot.

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