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By Konrad H. Jarausch

Within the spring of 1945, because the German military fell in defeat and the realm first realized of the unspeakable crimes of the Holocaust, few may have anticipated that, basically part a century later, the Germans could become a filthy rich humans on the vanguard of peaceable ecu integration. How did the Germans have the capacity to get over the shattering adventure of defeat in global struggle II and rehabilitate themselves from the disgrace and horror of the Holocaust? In After Hitler, Konrad H. Jarausch exhibits how Germany's selection to stress civility and civil society, destroyed by means of the Nazi regime, helped repair the demoralized state in the course of the post-war interval. not like different highbrow inquiries into German efforts to house the Nazi prior, After Hitler essentially makes a speciality of the sensible classes a disoriented humans drew from their earlier misdeeds, and their fight to create a brand new society with a honest and deep dedication to human rights. After Hitler bargains a accomplished view of the breathtaking transformation of the Germans from the defeated Nazi accomplices and Holocaust perpetrators of 1945 to the civilized, democratic humans of modern day Germany.

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While postcolonial critics have correctly condemned its misuse as justification for sexist and racist repression, several reasons support this terminological choice. First, prominent contemporaries, from Hannah Arendt to Franklin D. Roosevelt, used the notion of a German deviation from the values of Western civilization as a key argument. Second, in modifying the Sonderweg thesis, the Israeli-German historian Dan Diner suggested that the Holocaust constituted a rupture of common ethical norms, a veritable Zivilisationsbruch.

The German people saw all this today and wept. ” Next came the “scientific laboratories” in which human experiments, including deliberate infection with typhoid fever, were conducted, with a death rate of 98 percent. ” The notorious torture chambers and the all too frequently utilized gallows were not left out, either. But worst of all was the crematory, in which corpses lay piled on wagons like wood, waiting to be burned in three modern ovens. ”10 Confirmed by the discovery of additional camps in Bergen-Belsen (Lower Saxony), Dachau (Bavaria), and Sachsenhausen (outside Berlin), the “indisputable evidence” could only have hardened the Allies’ position on Germany’s future after Hitler.

Not surprisingly, uncertainty about the future ran rampant. Because the extent of the defeat suffered by the Third Reich far surpassed that of Imperial Germany after the First World War, one question after another confronted the dazed population: Would the hated Germans be allowed to survive at all, or would their liberated neighbors exact a bloody revenge for the crimes that had been committed against them? How would the occupation powers deal with this defeated people—would they divide the country up and demand steep reparations, or would they grant them a minimal sustenance so that they might live on somehow?

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