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Also like a hand, the bat’s wing can scoop up food, cradle its young or hug itself for warmth. Bats like their own homes and live an average lifespan of 30 years in the same cave, near the same hanging spot. All bats in a cave are related, except for one reproducing male who always comes from another family and area. The females give birth to one baby a year, but the infant mortality rate is high – up to 60%. During the first year of life, mothers leave their babies only when hunting for food. When they return Introduction days apart.

Sea life is dominated by corals and arthropods. Fish develop jaws! 417-354 MILLION YEARS AGO. Appalachian Mountains form in North America and South America and takes on its present position. This is the age of fish, when armored fish, lung fish and sharks develop. Ozone layer forms around the earth 354-290 MILLION YEARS AGO. The continents collide and the climate cools. Cockroaches emerge. The first reptiles emerge. Trees, club mosses and ferns evolve. 290-248 MILLION YEARS AGO. Glaciations occur and huge deserts abound; some corals become extinct.

In recent years, this turtle’s presence has drastically declined in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The hawksbill is different than other turtles in that it has a beak-like mouth and two claws on each flipper. It generally grows to around 34 inches (87 cm) and weighs 175 pounds (80 kg). However, the biggest ever found weighed in at 280 pounds (127 kg). Introduction n Amphibians 40 n Animal Life FASCINATING FACT: The turtle’s shell makes its ribs immoveable. In order to breath, turtles either swallow air or they kick their legs and pump the air into their lungs.

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