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By Garth Nix

A hero's journey...a conflict among worlds....With magical storytelling, this sequence vividly creates an complicated global.

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I don't like this," whimpered Odris. " She heard no answer, but in her head came the sudden echo of Milla's thought. The Ruin Ship and the Crone Mother. The Ruin Ship and the Crone Mother. They came to a point where the road switch-backed ahead. Instead of running around the hairpin turn, Milla plunged over the side, sliding down thirty or forty stretches through snow, ice, and stone. " shouted Odris. She puffed herself up and lifted Milla, so the girl swooped down instead of sliding. But this only encouraged the Icecarl.

After all, it was not just your Ramellan that defeated the Aenirans so long ago. It was our Danir, too. " But they would fear, Milla knew, and perhaps they were right to do so. She was fairly certain what the Crones would do when they heard the news of free shadows in the Castle and the unsealed Keystones. They would summon every Shield Maiden, Sword-Thane, and available hunter to the Ruin Ship. A great host of Icecarls would be gathered, with a single aim: To take control of the Castle and return all shadows to Aenir.

Milla tried it on. At first it was loose, then the band tightened. Milla tried to take it off, but it would not budge. Milla shrugged. More Chosen magic. At least the nail was sharp, and could be a useful weapon. Besides, she was already doomed by the Spiritshadow that loomed behind her. " whispered Odris. "A nail," said Milla. "Remember, you must not talk once we are outside. An Icecarl might be hidden nearby. " "All this talk of dying," said Odris. " "The Crones will deal with you," said Milla roughly.

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