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Despite Aziz's pleasure and hospitality, this chapter begins to take on a slightly ominous tone: the imagery of kites and snakes is extended; the sun appears to be hostile; the sky is shown to dominate, 'as usual'; the emptiness and nothingness is emphasised; and, finally, the echo plays a major part in Mrs Moore's breakdown. 22 Chapter 15 Summary Aziz, Adela and the guide continue with the expedition but the heat is oppressive so they decide not to climb to the summit. Aziz's thoughts are on the 'English breakfast' being prepared for them, Adela's on Ronny and her marriage to him; she suddenly realises that she does not love him; taken aback, she wonders whether love is, anyway, really necessary to marriage and thinks it is probably not.

Such harmony, perfectly acceptable in England, is, 43 however, unconventional on the soil of Anglo-India and the party is rudely broken up by Ronny Heaslop before friendship and understanding can be cemented. Despite the inimical atmosphere at the end of Fielding's tea party, it has, in its turn, opened the way for Aziz to make overtures. He rashly invites Mrs Moore and Adela to visit him at home but, like the Bhattacharyas, he does not expect them to respond. Though lively and intelligent, his role as Westernised man is confused with his Indian identity - whilst the Europeans expect scrupulously to adhere to arrangements made, the Indians are satisfied with the gesture itself.

They appeal to Mrs Moore who replies that she had never said his name but of course he is innocent. When Ronny begins to cross-question her she again gets very irritated; she insists that Aziz is good and that he did not assault Adela. The seeds of doubt have now crept into Adela's mind but Ronny persuades her that the trial must go on. Mrs Moore's cynical comment about this prompts her son to plan on sending her home immediately. Commentary Since the expedition to the caves the reader has heard nothing of Mrs Moore until this chapter.

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