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1 (2) says that Ui(ri)u2(r2) < Cw(4r1,4r2). J u1(2-s\x\lqi)u2(2-6\y\l 1 and / / ul{\xlpS*U2(\ytTS*vi{dx)v2{dy)<

3 Results We performed simulations for various incident angles and measured the tunneling times. Imafuku et al. [5]. 8 degree. The number of events is ten thousands. 4 A. There is no information on the Larmor time for d = 300 A, so we list theoretical values estimated in the reference [4]. We can see that < Tr > is much larger than < Tp > and the effect of the 'hesitation' is not negligible. When the transmissivity becomes larger, < Tr > becomes larger but < Tv > becomes smaller. They show the opposite tendency.

2. 1) play important roles to get this result. We note that Gannoun et al. [11] have obtained similar results independently. 2. In addition, the intrinsic topology for [£]„ has been given and the characterization theorem for positive Radon measures on £' has also been proved by considering an integrability condition [5, 8]. Now it is natural to ask whether "positivity" of white noise operators can be discussed in some sense and characterized. e. £'c = £' + i£' equipped with the product measure fic = \i' x y!

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