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Perhaps the most of the syntactic/semantic dichotomy is to be found in Babby (1986), o show that Chomsky's view of case is grossly unbalanced, ignoring uses. 29 There have been a number of attempts to isolate the syntactic function of case, which inevitably disintegrate into unwieldy and unenlightening inventories. Case uses that are essentially identical are assigned to different categories because of minor details of syntactic structure and conversely uses that are significantly different are lumped together whenever they show identical structure.

Gorbacevic (1971: 238) found that the signiemantics is so great that it has caused some Russian verbs to switch ment. Porazat'sja "be struck (by)" governed only the instrumental in me, but now, due to semantic analogy with dative-governing verbs vljat'sja "be surprised (at)" and izumljat'sja "be amazed (by)" it t frequently in association with the dative. Even Popova (1974: 178), utset of her study of verbal case government states that "the governed antically unmotivated and are maintained onlyby tradition", admitsin on that deviantuses of the dative and instrumental arise due to contam verbs having a similar meaning.

The concrete cases were said to be progressing toward grammatihereas the grammatical cases were moving in the opposite direction, bialization (lexicalization). And it was claimed that concrete case ntermediate position between adverbs (lexical meaning) and purely ms. Thus, even though the theoretical purpose of Kurylowicz's to identify a bifurcation of semantic and syntactic functions, we dency to emphasize the relationships between these two functions as pectrum of case values rather than as a concerted effort to draw etween them.

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